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Admission Screening
If you are making a new application or you wish to continue a previously saved application, please click on the appropriate link below.
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» Pre-Admission Screening When paying with card only attempt one payment and wait to verify there is no deduction before attempting another even if the payment status is Failure. Avoid multiple trials of payment. If your first two payments fail send and email to 
If an application number has been generated for you after payment. Use it when continuing your application!
» Recover your application number
DE data is still being processed. DE Candidates should check back at a later date

If you are making a new application use the 'Pay with Card' button to make your payment via Remita.

If you are returning to continue or print your application or your payment had issues and is now resolved use the 'Verify' button with your Reference Number to continue. [Your Pin number is the Reference Number for the successful Remita Payment]

If you have any other issues with the online application please send your details as above describing your problems to: